Workflow changes: questions to my readers

December 22, 2008 | 1 Minute Read

Good morning all.

After getting my 5D MK II and a new MacBook Pro, i am in need of changing my photography workflow. the reason is 2 fold:

  • i have a LOT more photos now, taking a lot more storage and needing to be orginized better
  • i have 2 machines i do photography work on.

I currently use LightRoom on both my main workstation (Mac Pro running Windows 2008 Server) and my laptop (MacBook Pro, currently running OSX) and ideally i would like some way of keeping them in sync. At the moment i save all meta data as an XMP sidecar, and if i have made changes to photos on the laptop, i just copy the folder to the workstation and import. but what happens if i make changes on photos already on the workstation? if i rate photos on the laptop and add keywords on the PC, how do i sync them?

Next question is around the download workflow. i just use LightRoom to do the downloading, but should i move to something like Downloader Pro? hopefully someone here can help!