Happy New Year 2009

December 31, 2008 | 0 Minute Read

Happy new year to all my readers! just taking this time to come up with some plans for the comming year:

  • Become a better programmer: been on my list for quite some time now, but still getting there…
  • take more photos: now i got my 5D MK II, i need to use it properly…
  • Read more: even if they are tech books, i should read more, since looking at a screen too long can make you distracted… you end up reading email, or surfing the web or… ohhh shiney…

Well, they are my real plans… i could have loose weight, eat right, etc, but, who in reality is going to belive them? not me, thats for sure!

have a good one, and hope to talk to you all next year!

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