Sony announce new cameras, including 3 full frames

September 12, 2012 | 1 Minute Read

Sony has announced a few new full frame, and not so full frame cameras today. First up is the A99, pictured above. [NOTE: all photos borrowed from the Engadget articles, but hosted locally. I hope that linking back and leaving their logo is enough for attribution…

So, the A99 has a full frame, 24.3MP sensor, cost about $2800, has an ISO to 102,400, shoots 1080/60P video as well as 24P, 6FPS shooting of photos and has a 921k-dot Xtra Fine twilt-and-swivel LCD. More details, and some extra photos available on the original Engadget article. [Sony reveals the Alpha A99, its first full-frame flagship since 2008's A900 (hands-on)]

Next is the Cybershot RX1. It's a compact digital camera with the same full frame 24.3MP sensor as the A99. It shoots at 5FPS, includes a 35MM F2.0 Zeiss Sonnar T* fixed prime lens, and costs $2800! EEK! Again, more details on the original engadget article. [Sony's Cyber-shot RX1 compact camera packs a full-frame sensor, ‘fits in your palm' (hands-on)]

Next, Handy cams. The Sony NEX-VG900 Handycam, Sony's first 35MM HD Video camera. Again, the 24.3MP sensor as the 2 cameras above, compatible with E-Mount lenses and shoots 1080P video at 24 or 60FPS. Also, the NEX-VG30 which has a 16.1MP APS-C sensor. Again, more info on the Engadget site. [Sony announces NEX-VG30 and full-frame NEX-VG900 Handycams, we go hands-on]

Last, but not least, the Sony NEX-6. 16.1MP APS-C sensor, ISO 25,600, 1080/60p video and 10 FPS shooting. It has 802.11B/G Wifi (which is a nice feature) and you can use something called PlayMemories Camera Apps, which could be interesting… So, do I need to say more? [Sony NEX-6 mirrorless cam squeezes in between 5R and 7 with WiFi, EVF and dedicated mode dial (hands-on video)]

So, all in all, looks good… I like the sound of the NEX6. I have an NEX3 at the moment, and it is a very nice camera… The NEX6 could be a replacement…

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