Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 and NX30 announced [Updated]

January 02, 2014 | 0 Minute Read

Today Samsung have announced 2 new cameras. First, an updated version of my own Samsung Galaxy Camera, the Galaxy Camera 2. Comes with a faster processor than before (Quad core 1.6Gz VS a Quad core 1.4Gz in the old one) 2x more memory (2Gb vs 1Gb) 0.2 more Androids (4.3 VS 4.1) more power (2,000mAh) and it can now shoot at 120FPS video! Thats pretty impressive! I think i want one!

As for the NX30, its an upgraded NX20. 20.1MP, upgraded image quality and display, more light sensitive sensor. More details about both available from Engadget here.

[Updated: the previous version mentioned that the old Galaxy Camera had a dual core processor. Its actually got a Quad core. also, Ars Technica has a post with a bit more details. The NX30 also comes prepackaged with a copy of Adobe Lightroom, which is a nice bonus]

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