CES2013: Samsung launch 6 new Point and Shoot cameras

January 07, 2013 | 0 Minute Read

So, Samsung has announced 6 new point and shoot cameras at CES.

  • the WB250F (pictured): 18X optical zoom, 14.2MP Backside Illumiated CMOS Sensor and 24mm lens
  • WB200F, same hardware, CCD sensor, not CMOS
  • WB800F, 21X optical zoom, 16.3MP BSI CMOS
  • WB30F, 17mm body, 10x optical zoom, 24mm wide angle lens
  • DV150F, Wifi, 2.7″ front facing LCD, 16.2MP CCD sensor, 5X optical and 25mm lens
  • ST150F, 5x optical, 25mm lens, 16.2MP CCD sensor

no word on price or availability… [Samsung launches six new point-and-shoot cameras at CES]

And since we are on the Topic of Samsung, i have managed to get my hands on the Samsung Galaxy Camera i talked about a while back. It is some hell of a camera, i will give it that much. Any question you want to ask, leave in the comments and i will try reply. Photos of the unboxing are up on Flickr.

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