CES-2013: Canon

January 07, 2013 | 1 Minute Read

Its January, which means only one thing… Well, 3 things… 1) Massive credit card bills for Christmas gifts… 2) College exams (final year though! Wahoo!) 3) CES! an this post is about CES!

First we have Canon. Canon have a couple of new cameras announced today. So lets start at the beginning, shall we?

The Canon Powershot A2600 and A1400 Mid range point and shoots, taking over from the A2400 and A1300. A2600, costs $150, 5X 28mm zoom, 16MP CCD, F2.8-5.9 and shoots 720P video. The A1400 which is basically the same as the A1300. Both include some imaging upgrades (Smart Auto) and Eco Upgrades (30% battery increase), but the A1400 has nothing much else… [Canon PowerShot A2600 and A1400 offer modest feature bumps, little incentive to upgrade]

Next is the PowerShot ELPH 130IS. Its a high end Point-and-Shoot with built in Wifi, support for Canon CameraWindow (Android and iOS app). Has an 8x optically stabilized lens, DIGIC4 processor and 16MP sensor. about $200, available next month. [Canon PowerShot ELPH130IS beings WiFi to the companies high end point-and-shoot line]

Next we have Camcorders. 4 new cameras in the VIXIA range. the HF R42, R40 and R400 all have 53x advanced zoom, DIGIC DV IV image processor and 3.28MP full HD CMOS Sensor. Both the HR40 and HR42 support an app for Android and iOS called CameraAccess, which allows video streaming, sharing and remote control. available in March at $300 (R400), $400 (R40) and $500 (R42). Finally, the new flagship VIXIA HF G20, which has 32GB storage, 10X Optical Zoom, and shot cost about $1100 in February. [Canon’s latest VIXIA camcorders stream and share with your mobile device]

Last, but defiantly not least, is the PowerShot N. 1.1 inches deep, 8x 28mm F3-5.9 lens, 12MP CMOS Sensor, 80-6400 ISO, 1080p @ 24fps or 720P at 32FPS. Shoots to MicroSD, and includes Wifi to talk to your Android and iOS device. Costs about $300 and will be available in April. Interesting little device! [Canon reinvents the point-and-shoot with ambidextrous PowerShot N]