Workflow V.Next: what should i use?

July 26, 2009 | 1 Minute Read

So, a couple of days ago on my other blog, i posted that my Mac Pro, my main workstation, had died… It was a sad day… But it is a new beginning in a way… now i get to start from scratch on most things.

So, at the moment (or when my Mac Pro was working i should say) this was my workflow (roughly):

  • download photos to a particular directory using Downloader Pro (had some copyright settings in here as standard). the filename structure was :\Photos<YYYYMMDD><YYMMDD>-- where ImportSerial was the number of the file (so, first file of the download was 1, and so on). the directory was on a RAID 1 array, and a copy process was set to copy to my Windows Home Server at the same time
  • Open LightRoom and import the photos. I had one massive LightRoom Catalogue which was set to export metadata as it was written to XMP side cars. Keywords would usually get added on import… but sometimes they didn't. i should do the keywords more often
  • go through each photo and set ratings
  • do some work on photos that needed work
  • export the top photos
  • backup job to the cloud (either Amazon S3 or RackSpace CloudFiles)

Now that i have to start from scratch, does anyone have any recommendations? how should i setup my LightRoom Catalogues? is Downloader Pro enough or should i have something else? is my naming structure for files and folders up to scratch? And while we are on the subject, anyone have recommendations for Mobile Workflows? If i take my laptop with me, copy photos to it and work on them, how should i get them on to the main machine? just copy the LightRoom Catalogue? Is there a better way? and when should i clean my cards? do i do it after import, after backup to the Home Server or after backup to the Cloud?

Leave comments below if you have ideas.

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