Some updates to the blog

February 13, 2007 | 1 Minute Read

So, its been a very busy time for the last few weeks, and that's the reason I have had very little posts here, or, for that matter, time to take photos. The last time I took my 350D out to take photos was last week when I got my new phone. Photos are here (WARNING: these are extremely geeky photos!). The other thing is I'm using Flickr a lot more for my photos, and not my own, custom in house built gallery system. this is probably due to the features I can do with Flickr at the moment. I will start adding some of these to my gallery system, but it might be a while.

Now about the photos of the phone. these where taken with a Sigma 10-20MM lens I borrowed from a Co-Worker. Very nice lens. I would have liken to take more out side shots, but with rain, snow, darkness and lack of time, this did not happen. hopefully I will get out at the weekend, and we see what happens!


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