Photography Links for April 22nd 2008

April 22, 2008 | 1 Minute Read

so, this is the first in a many part series, but dont ask how often they will be posed, as i have no idea. The idea of this post is a collection of links i have found on the interwebs which do not in themselves deserve a full post, but should be posted for reference.

The Digital Story has a reference card for after every shoot. the idea is quite simple. do these tasks once you finsh a shoot.

Anandtech has an article explaing how Digital Sensors work. interesting read and useful for any photographer.

I have posted some photos of my camera bag contents. Sounds a bit odd, but concidering it has a total of 3 cameras (Canon 350D, Canon 3000N (film) and a Kodak EasyShare camera, which i used to take the photos) and lenses, and other stuff, i though i would post it. I will do a write up on this soon, explaing all the stuff in here.

Photocritic has a post with info about the top 15 entry level DSLRs. Pricing ranges from $450 to $1800.