Photobook sites

March 20, 2007 | 0 Minute Read

in May of last year, my Sister turned 21. as a gift idea, my mum asked me to build a photobook for her. After scanning a load of photos, i then realized that i couldent work out how to get it printed. I ended up using Apple’s iPhoto, which worked well, but wasent great. I wanted to get some photos printed up for a friends wedding, but, as i said, the iPhoto book dident look profesional enough. Well, here are 3 different sites that could help if your in the market for a photo book:

Blurb: Looks like more then just a photo book. very interesting. you can also sell your books on their store. I havent used them, but im thinking about it

PrintMyPhotoBook: again, havent used them, but looks good.

MyPublisher: looks simular to the iPhoto books, but not sure since, again, havent used them.

Hopefully this helps! :)