Nikon to announce D3 and D300 DSLRs tomorrow

August 22, 2007 | 0 Minute Read

More rumors, but considering the last one i posted about the 40D actually came true, we see what happens here. Nikon may announce 2 new cameras tomorrow: a D3 and a D300. Specs below. [Via Engadget]


  • Full frame (FX) 12 megapixel Nikon CMOS

    • Live view LCD

      • 9fps in FF mode, 11fps in HSC mode (at 1.5 crop factor / DX size)

        • ISO 200 – 6400 with LO (ISO 100 equivalent), H1 and H2 (ISO 12800 / 25600, respectively)

          • 51 point autofocus system (15 cross sensor)
        • DX format 12 megapixel CMOS (supposedly possibly the same as the D2X)
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