New Cinema cameras from RED and Canon

November 04, 2011 | 2 Minute Read

[Canon Launches C300 Cinema Camera – Engadget]


Canon has announced a new Cinema Camera, the C300, and it looks pretty damn cool! couple of photos below of it. So, this is aimed at RED users, shoots 1080P video, has twin CF Card slots, HD-SDI output and supports timecode… Not sure what that is though…

It will take either a EF mount lens or a PL mount (Engadget mention “not both” but i don't know if that means you buy one with either EF or PL mount…) The price? about $20,000… so, not my next video camera then… again, from the Engadget article, there is mention of 4k Resolutions support using new EF lenses, of which there are a few: 2 14.5 to 60mm, 2 30-300mms and a couple of primes too: 24, 50 and 85mm. Late January 2012 it will be available…

Couple more links:

[Canon C300 makes an apperance on Vincent Laforets Mobius – Video]

[Canon C300 Cinema camera, Hands on Video]


[Canon has a new “EOS Movies” DSLR on the way too: 4K Video, 35mm full frame Sensor]

If i am looking at this correct, this may come in at the same kind of level of the 1Dx or maybe between it and the 5D MK II. Its a DSLR, that can shoot 4k video with a full frame sensor. Looks like a 1D style body, so don't think this will be in at 5D MKII levels, but i could be wrong.

[RED makes the Scarlet Official: 5K Still photos, 4k Video – $9750 – Engadget]

While Conon where showing off their stuff, RED announced the RED Scarlet. 4k Video (4096×2160 resolution!) and 5k Photos (5120 X 2700 res… a little more than 13MP). Video can be shot at 25FPS and photos at 12FPS. has a Canon mount so you can use your own Canon lenses on this too. Price? $9750. pretty impressive sounding camera.

[Note: I borrowed the photos from Engadget’s articles, but they are self hosted… hopefully no one will complain too much…]

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