Lots of Pentax, Sony and Olymups Cameras

January 23, 2008 | 2 Minute Read

Lots of Cameras released over the last few days. just getting a chance to post these now. All from Engadget.

First, Pentax 14.6Mp K20D DLSR. all specs on Engadget here, but basic run down:

14.6MP, SD and SDHC memory, up to 3 FPS shooting in RAW, DNG shooting. costs about $1300.

Next. the K200. the K20's Littler brother. This is 10.2MP, 2.8FPS shooing, DNG support, costs about $800


Next, and not an SLR, are the Optio Range. First, the M50 (not the "car park" in Dublin) but the 8mp point and shoot camera. 5x optical Zoom, 2.5" LCD and ISO to 6400. not bad for $230.

Finally from Pentax's Optio line are the S12 and E50 point and shoots. the S12 is 12MP, VGA Movie shooting, SD and SDHC storage and ISO upto 3200. The E50 is 8.1MP, and ISO of 1600. (pictured below is the S12)

Next is Sony. Lots of cameras here.

DSC-H10: 8MP and Image Stabilization.

DSC-S750 and DSC-S780: 7.2 and 8.1mp respectively, 3X optical zoom.

DSC-T300: 10.2mp, 3.5" touch screen, 5X optical zoom, ISO 3200.

DSC-W170, DSC-W150, DSC-W130, DSC-W120: 10.1, 8.1, 8.1 and 7.2 mp respectivally. the W170 and 150 both have 2.7" LCD and 5X optical zoom. the W130 and 120 have 4X optical zoom and 2.5" LCD.

Phew! i told you they had a few.. H10 Pictured below.

Finally, Olymups has released 9 (eek) cameras. Deep breath..:

FE310 – 8mp, 5X optical, 2.5" LCD

FE340 – 8mp, 5X optical, 2.7" LCD

FE350 – 8mp, 4x optical, 3" LCD, 28mm wide angle lens.

Mju840 – 8mp, 5X optical, 2.5" LCD

Mju850 SW – 8mp, 3x optical, 2.5" LCD, waterproof to 3m!

Mju1010 – 10.1mp, 7x optical, 2.7" LCD.

Mju1020 – 10.1mp, 7x optical, 2.7" LCD (what's the diff between the 1010 and 1020?)

Mju1030- 10.1mp, 3.6x optical, 2.7" LCD and waterproof to 10M!!!

Finally, SP570UZ: 10mp, 20x wide angle zoom, OIS (Optical Image Stabilization?) and 2.7" LCD.

Pictured below is the SP 570.

Right. I need sleep after all that!

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