Looking for an Aperture solution

April 28, 2007 | 1 Minute Read

So, i have 2 macs: My PowerBook G4, which, after some tweaking will be my on the road photography machine, and my Mac Pro, which is my main Aperture machine. At the moment, the PowerBook is not being used in the workflow (it was up untill i got the Mac Pro) but what i want to be able to do is take a PowerBook with me (say a wedding or anywhere for that matter) and shoot on the 350D with direct to memory card or Tethered. then, after the shoot (or during with tethered) i want to do my keywording, small modifications to the images, rating, etc. once all this is complete, i want to be able to leave it alone. When i get home, i want to then add the project that is in the PowerBooks library to the MacPro's library, with modifications. since the masters are not touched, my thinking is copy them over, with the XMP side car, but also what ever changes are used to make the version. Has anyone done anything like this? anyone have a workflow i can “Borrow”? [update] i think i found it. in aperture you can export projects. now, i dont know exactly what it does, but you can also import one. So, if i can do that, and if it works, then cool beans man! now to try it out. :)

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