Lightroom 6 (AKA Lightroom CC) released

April 21, 2015 | 0 Minute Read

Adobe have just released Lightroom 6, AKA Lightroom CC. If like me, you are on the Photoshop and Lightroom $9.99 offer, this will be a free upgrade. Or, if your like a lot of people who are angry at Adobe, you can buy it outright. but either way, whats it get you?

Performance Upgrades: Lightroom CC now uses your GPU for processing some things. How much faster? up to 10x in some cases.

HDR and Panorama merge: you can now merge images together into either Panoramas or HDR. the Panoramas end up as RAW images and you can do the same with the HDR too.

Built in face recognition: Something i kind of miss from the Aperture days. Handy, i think.

I have to download this and try it out. Go forth, read and possibly download!

There is some more info at the following pages:

Adobe’s own site