Casio's 60FPS, 6MP camera/camcorder

August 31, 2007 | 1 Minute Read

Ok, this is only a prototype, but this sounds mental. a 60 FPS 6MP camera, which can shoot at up to 300FPS at VGA quality. no info on what storage is used (it would want to be very large storage). some maths: 6mp JPG photo weighs in at, roughly, 2mb. just an estimate. 2mb * 60FPS = 120MBYTES/SECOND! Since the fastest CF Cards are writing at around 40MB/S, it would mean you would need one hell of a buffer in the camera, and would only be able to shoot for, say, about 4 seconds if your buffer is 512mb. maybe 7 seconds before your buffer fills and cant write any more to the card.

Thing is, since your shooting at that amount of data, its going to be a nightmare for editing shots! It defiantly sounds cool, don’t get me wrong (3 x the quality of High Def video) but there will be a need for some serious compression, serious processing, and serious storage. and then serious hardware on the backend when processing this at home!

[updated] Engadget now have a hands on with the camera. they also say it shoots to SDHC, and should be available around 2008. they also have a photo gallery.