Canon WFT Announced for 5D MK II, 7D and the 1D MK IV

January 07, 2010 | 1 Minute Read

Right, so it has been a while since i posted. Since then, the Canon 7D has been announced (kind of like a 5D MK II without the full frame: 18.1Mp, 1080P video, 8FPS shooting) and the 1D MK IV (one up from the 1D MK III: 16MP, 1080P Video, etc.).  Well, this morning, Canon announced the Wireless addon, named the WFT (Wireless File Transfer) for these cameras, and the 5D MK II. There are 3 available: WFT-E2 II A Wireless File Transmitter for the 1D MK IV, WFT-E4 II A Wireless File Transmitter for the 5D MK II and WFT-E5A Wireless File Transmitter for the 7D.

Some interesting features include the new Camera Linking Function, allowing one camera to control 10 Slave cameras, and the New Media Server Function, which seems to only be on the E5A (7D), that allows you to wireless-ly share your photos to DLNA compatible devices.

The E4 II A and E5A will sell at $699 and are available now. no price yet for the WFT-E2 II A, but will be available in the First Quarter 2010.