Backing up Aperture with Amazon S3

February 08, 2007 | 0 Minute Read

Micah Walter has a blog post over at Oreilly’s Digital Media blog about using <a href=”\_up\_aperture\_with\_amazo.html” mce_href=”\_up\_aperture\_with_amazo.html"Amazon> S3 to backup your Aperture Vault</a>. Interesting theory, and would be very cool for working with photos on the move. Mind you, if your on the move, you may need one hell of an internet connection for uploading all your photos. considering I shoot in RAW (which weigh in at anywhere from 4-8mb each) and then what ever changes I do to the photo (if any) plus the preview images, etc, you talking, for an average 6mb RAW image, to have about 10mb of files, total. so, you shoot 100 photos, that’s 1gb that needs uploading. you wont want to be doing that on a 56k dialup connection. Actually, that would take over 4 and a half hours to upload on a 512k internet connection! EEK!

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