Apples Photokina event started

September 25, 2006 | 0 Minute Read

TUAW (the unofficial apple weblog) has some coverage of the Apple Photkia event. Aperture 1.5 released, more info comming.. [update] Well, more info about 1.5 is out, but we wont get our hands on it till “Later in the week” when ever that will be. Also, of note, Aperture will now work on a Mac Mini and a Mac Book. This is interesting, because originally you needed a minimum of a iMac because of the graphics card. now, pretty much anything will run Aperture! One issue: I have just ordered my Mac Pro with a gig of RAM, but the minimum RAM for a Mac Pro is now set at 2Gb! I will need to get the extra ram for it sooner rather then later.


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