Adobe LightRoom: impressions so far

July 19, 2006 | 0 Minute Read

I just installed Adobe Light Room, and my impressions so far are not great. here are some problems:

1: if I am in the develop section, and I select 5 photos, change the exposure of the main one, and then do some other work, LightRoom only changes the info for the first one, not all.

2: too much space being used at the top for useless stuff. see pic below (click for larger image):

It seems to me that the AdobeLightroom logo can be removed, as it serves no major purpose, since you know where you are anyway, and same with the 4 different links. they could easily be somewhere else.

3: I cant seem to get it to copy settings from one single image to multiple images.

still playing with it, but so far, I can see why its beta. Interestingly enough, its Tiny! the download weighs in at a little under 7 Mb! Aperture is huge, and the executable is something like 30mb on its own!

bk_keywords: apple aperture, adobe