5D MKII Finally in my hands!

December 20, 2008 | 1 Minute Read

This morning, i finally got my hands on my 5D MKII! i am a very happy camper! I will be posting photos and a review of it soon, but some quick notes before then:

  • Compaired to the 350D i shot on previously, this is a huge camera! with my 24-70 2.8 Sigma lens, its a very heavy camera (no weighing scales to check out heavy, but heavier than the 350).
  • battery is a lot bigger than the one in the 350. and its not charged out of the box. i know it was a good while since i got my 350D, but i know it was about half charged when i got it cause i took a lot of photos with it before needing to fully charge the thing.
  • i think i am going to have to get a UDMA compatible CF reader for the PC since the photos are weighing in at 5Mb a piece, and thats just JPG! havent had a chance to shoot RAW just yet, but expecting them to be quite big!

So, once the batter is fully charged, i will play around with this a lot more and get back to you with a review. keep watching this space!

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